Since 1982

Sintered Products

Investarms' long experience in the field of sintering allows us to assist our customers' in realising the improvements in production economics offered by this technology. Investarm sintered components cover a wide range of applications.

sintered gears


Investarm's experience in sintered gears covers many different kinds of actuators for many application.

sintered components household electrical appliances

Household electrical appliances and design components

Household electrical appliances components are a typical application for products produced by sintering technology; Investarm has been operating in this field since for over 30 years. We supply a variety of industries ranging from mass produced products all the way to precision manufactured parts for luxury product industries.

sintered automotive components

Automotive industry components

Automotive components are a typical application of sintering technology. We have over 30 years of experience in producing various kinds of flanges for the auto industry.

sintered gun components

Manufacturing guns components

Investarm has a wealth of experience in manufacturing guns. Investarm also has a separate division for field shotguns, a segment the company has been active in since 1970. We manufacture sintered components for firearms supplying both our own firearms division as well as external clients.

sintered electric motor components

Common and self-braking electric motor components

These components have particularly complex shapes and the sintering process is the optimal way to produce them at a competitive price point.

sintered textile machine components

Textile machines components

Investarm supplies many components for textile machines, such as: pinions, rotors, stators, magnetic circuit components, keys, buttons.

sintered windows and doors components

Components for crystal windows and doors

These components are safety parts expected to endure high stress factors brought on by retaining and handling devices of heavy crystal sheets. For these applications, the sintered components are subjected to a copper infiltration process in order to enhance the mechanical characteristics of the product.

sintered garden furniture components

Garden furniture components

Investarm supplies heat treated cams for this market. These components meet very high mechanical specifications.

sintered watchmaking components

Horological Components

Investarm supplies the horological industry with precision made components that often undergo a number of processes, such as galvanic treatment as chromium plating, and phosphating. The focal point of these components is elegance, precision and beauty. Each component is finished to exacting standards with stringent quality control.

sintered automatic chairs components

Components for automatic seats

Investarm supplies gear chains for this market. Our products specifically make a difference when the strength of die cast alloys insufficient for the intended application.