Strong collaboration with customers and suppliers has helped Investarm in gaining experience in the sintering process. Our focus on every single production step makes Investarm a reliable partner with respect to obtaining sintered components of the highest quality.

product industrialization

Product Industrialization

We co-operate extensively with our customers in order to develop optimal process solutions.

We constantly strive to develop solutions and improve existing processes that allow us to enhance the value we deliver to our customers through optimising their cost structure, while upholding stringent quality standards.

mould production

Mould Production

Mould are designed by Investarm. Mould production is accomplished in collaboration with our suppliers who have extensive experience in sintering technology.
Investarm places its technical know-how at its customer's disposal for the development and commercialisation of their projects. We incentivise our customers to use sintering technology by sharing the costs relating to forming a new mould and guaranteeing a satisfactory result.

pressing process

Pressing process

Investarm's presses are hydraulic and mechanical with a wide range of power pressures (from 4 up to 200 tons).

We can achieve the optimal mechanical characteristics through choosing the most appropriate process and equipment while always being mindful of achieving the best possible production economics.


Sintering Process

The sintering process is performed in a controlled atmosphere in order to guarantee the right mechanical and physical characteristics.
It is possible to sinter at temperatures surpassing 1200°C.

quality control

Quality Control and Statistical Checks

During a new production start-up, the production process and the product properties are developed to obtain the optimal solution to meet stringent customer requirements. Based on the results of the initial analysis, a control plan is created. This involves controls at all process steps and introduces the appropriate checks at sampling frequencies linked to the process capability. These checks, performed during production and at the end of the production process, ensure superior quality of the process and of the final product.



Product packaging is as per agreement with our customers.

Many different kinds of packaging can be accommodated: cardboard, Kanban, customer's metallic box, etc

Please view the video to find out more about our process!