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The sintered division of Investarm carries out the design and the entire production process on its Italian site in Marcheno (BS).

Our mastery of the technology an experience in this field allows us to be solve our customers' quality and cost problems. At Investarm we are customer focused and place our technical know-how our customers' disposal for the development and commercialisation of their projects.


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Our mission: be a reliable partner

Sintering technology is not yet widely used compared to alternative technologies. Due to this, customers often lose an opportunity to create value by setting for an inferior price/quality ratio. Investarm strives to be a trusted partner to its customer – we pride ourselves on helping our customers improve their profitability by exploring innovative, cost effective solutions through our technology.

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Our goal: improve and help improve

We are a company that is open to new ideas and making them work. We pride ourselves being able to solve our customers'problems by creating new solutions. Depending on the final characteristics specified for the product, our sintering furnace can be set up to sinter with temperatures higher than 1200°.

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We are available to help you in understanding all the advantages of sintering technology.

Our services: not only do we offer sintering, but everything you need for the finished product.

  • Mould project and production

    At Investarm we design all our moulds internally. We have the institutional know-how to develop the best production solutions.

  • Production and quality

    During new the start-up phase of any new production run, the production process and the product properties are developed to get the best solution to meet customer requirements.

  • After the sintering operation and treatment

    Investarm have invested time and resources to become a leading supplier of finished products that include all the necessary processes that follow the sintering process: milling, turning, tumbling, sand-blasting, heat treatment and galvanizing.

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