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The experience in this technology allows Investarm to be effective in helping the customer to solve quality and cost problems. Investarm places its technical know-how at its customer's disposal for the development and industrialization of the project.

Investarm incentivizes the customer to use sinter technology by requesting a limited mould cost contribution and guaranteeing a satisfactory result by the use of this technology application.

Investarm's presses are hydraulic and mechanical with a wide range of power pressures (from 4 up to 200 tons).

The sintering process is performed in a controlled atmosphere in order to guarantee the right mechanical and physical specifications. It is possible, according to product's characteristics required, to sinter at temperatures even above 1200°C.

During new productions start-up, the production process and the product properties are developed to get the best solution to meet customer requirements.

Particular attention is paid to the quality statistical control which is performed during the production cycle and on finished parts to guarantee a reliable process and precise components in customer's exact specifications.

When a new production is started, enforced controls and repeatability verifications are planned to guarantee the process capability.