Investarm products can be made of iron, steel alloy, or stainless stell

The best European metal powder suppliers are selected to get a wide range of choice to choose from. Metal powder can be used as they is supplied or can be mixed to reach specific mechanical and dimensional properties.

Some examples:

sintered iron components sintered iron components

Iron powder is used for applications which are not subject to high stresses (iron or iron-carbon components).

sintered steel alloy component sintered steel alloy component

Steel alloy powder is used for applications which are subject to high stresses. The mechanical properties can be further improved through heat treatments after sinter process.

sintered stainless steel components sintered stainless steel components

Sintering technology can be usefully applied to the production of stainless steel components, though the range of metal powders available on the market is not wide as compared with the traditional steel. A big advantage of the sinter technology compared to the milling technology is a big saving because you do not have any expensive material consumption and you avoid the difficult machining of stainless steel.